Publications, Papers, Reports


2010       The Economics of US Military Interventions: Part Two – Effectiveness, an interview by Elliott Morss in Morss Global Finance (August 23, 2010); available at This was the second in a two-part series in Morss Global Finance, the first installment (not involving me) addressing “the numbers.”

2009       Sturdy Dominos, The National Interest (November 19); available at

2009       A False Awakening, The National Interest (November 3); available at

2009       Afghanistan – Get bin Laden and Get Out?, an interview by Elliott Morss in Morss Global Finance (October 26, 2009); available at

2009       Too Little, Too Late, The National Interest (October 15); available at

2009       The Folly of Nation Building, The National Interest (October 5); available at

2007       The Old, New Thing for Iraq, The National Interest (February 27); available at

2006       Winning by Losing in Viet Nam, The National Interest (November 21); available at

2006       A Real Intelligence Estimate: By the Numbers, Terrorism and Conflict NOT Up Worldwide, The National Interest online (October 3); available at or reprinted at    Conflict+Not+Up+Worldwide.

2006       Shadow Boxing with Shadow Governments: Hizballah, Hamas, other groups will prove elusive adversaries, The National Interest (September 21); available at

2005       Economic Policies, Poverty & Political Accountability in Latin America in Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Eduardo R Gomez (ed.), Latin America in the New International System: Challenges and Opportunity (Boston: Pearson Custom Publishers), 174-224.

2005       An International Economic History of Latin America & The Caribbean in Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Eduardo R Gomez (ed.), Latin America in the New International System: Challenges and Opportunity (Boston: Pearson Custom Publishers), p. 57-96.

2004       The Missing Link: Creating Mutual Dependencies Between the Poor and the State, International Public Management Journal (7), p. 227-247; available at

1997       Analyzing The Role of The Public Sector in Africa: Implications for Civil Service Reform Policies in Derick W. Brinkerhoff (ed.), Policy Analysis Concepts and Methods: An Institutional and Implementation Focus (Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press Inc.), p 159-185.

1995      Participation and Local Government, Dissemination Note: Towards Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development, Number 48 (Washington, DC; World Bank, August 1996); w/David Gow and John Frankenhoff; available at

1993      Descentralizacion: Criterios y Alternativas para la Asignacion de Responsibilidades, Descentralizacion Y Gobiernos Municipales (Quito: Corporacion de Estudios para el Desarrollo), p. 27–50.

1993      Information as a Public Good, “Information for Policy Management or a Policy for Informationin DPMN Bulletin I (August, Masterricht, The Netherlands); available at

1992      Public Sector Decentralization: Economic Policy and Sector Investment Programs (Washington, D.C.: World Bank); available at

1990       Decentralizacion del Sector Publico: Programas de Reforma de Politica Economica y de Inversion Sectorial, translated from English by Leyton Lucero (Washington, D.C.: Economic Development Institute, World Bank).

1986      Action-Planning Workshops for Development Management: Guidelines (Washington, D.C.: World Bank); w/Merlyn Kettering & Terry Schmidt.

1985      Implementing Rural Development Projects: Dealing With Institutional and Organizational Realities in Elliott Morss & David Gow (eds.), Implementing Rural Development Projects: Lessons from AID and World Bank Experience (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1985); w/George Honadle & S. Tjip Walker, p. 33-63.

1985       Technical Assistance Shortcomings in Elliott Morss & David Gow (eds.), Implementing Rural Development Projects: Lessons from AID and World Bank Experience (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press); w/George Honadle & Donald Mickelwaite, p. 83-106.

1984      Technical Assistance and Aid Agency Staff: Alternative Techniques for Greater Effectiveness (Washington, D.C.: World Bank); available at

1983       A.I.D. Assistance to Local Government: Experience and Issues (Washington, D.C.: Agency for International Development, November); w/Paul Crawford, George Honadle & Gary Hanson available at

1983       Technical Assistance Alternatives for Rural Development: Beyond the By-Pass Model, Canadian Journal of Development Studies (4), p. 222-240; w/George Honadle & David Gow.

1980       A Formative Evaluation of the Arusha Planning and Village Development Project (Washington, D.C.: Development Alternatives Inc); w/Donald Mickelwait & Elliott Morss.

1980       Political and Business Trends in Indonesia (Washington, D.C.: Development Alternatives Inc).

1977       A Role Playing Simulation of Foreign Policy Formulation in The International Political System, Teaching Political Science 4 (January), p. 163-184.

1975       The Domino Theory: Alternatives to a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Asian Survey (15), p. 915-939; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1974       Historic National Rivalries and Contemporary Inter-State Conflict in Mainland Southeast Asia in Mark W. Zacher and R. Stephen Milne (eds.), Conflict and Stability in Southeast Asia (Garden City: Anchor Books), p. 45-78.

1974       Elections and Political Party Constraints Following the 1972 Offensive in John Donnell & Charles Joiner (eds.), Electoral Politics in South Vietnam (New York: Doubleday & Company), p. 125-149; w/Ta Van Tai.

1974       Political Presence and Electoral Support in South Vietnam, Asian Survey (14), p. 397-417; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1974       Local Government and National Integration in South Vietnam, Pacific Affairs (47), p. 305-325; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1974       South Vietnam and The Return to Political Struggle, Asian Survey (14), p. 65-77; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1974       Aspects of Village Administration in South Vietnam (Saigon: Institute of Public Administration).

1973       South Vietnam and The Elusive Peace, Asian Survey (13), p. 19-45; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1972       South Vietnam: The Symbolic Nature of Election Campaign Appeals, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (3), 44-62.

1971       The Lost Crusade: America in Vietnam, by Chester Cooper (Book Review), Pacific Affairs (44), p. 308; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1971       A Short Introduction to the History and Politics of Southeast Asia, by Richard Allen (Book Review), International Journal (27), p. 597.

1970       Political Elites in South Vietnam: A National and Provincial Comparison, Asian Survey (10), p. 290-307; available to those with access to JSTOR online.

1970      Terror in Insurgency Warfare, Military Review (50), p. 61-67, w/Peter Jackson; available at

1969       Peacekeeping in Vietnam, Canadian Forum (49), p. 159-160.

1969       Politics in South Vietnam, Current History (57), p. 321-326, 365-366.


2010       Strategic Threats & Appropriate Responses, invited guest lecture at the Skidaway Community Institute, February 25, 2010.

2009       Parallel Governance and Poverty in Africa, paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in New Orleans, Louisiana January 8-10, 2009.

2008       The World Bank, Whose Interests does it Serve? invited guest lectures at (i) the Savannah Council on World Affairs (September 18th) and (ii) the Skidaway Community Institute (April 22, 2009).

2007       Governance Risk Assessment: Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM) (Manila: Asian Development Bank, June 2007).

2007       Governing for Health in Asia (Manila: Asian Development Bank, January 2007).

2006       Regional Variations in Local Governance, paper prepared for USAID; PADCO-AECOM (October); w/Louis Picard, Susan Vogelsang, Bonnie Walter, and Morey Kogul available at

2005       Cross-Sectoral Governance & Achievement of Health MDGs in Asia (Manila: Asian Development Bank).

2004       Working Paper on Democratic Governance and Community Action (DGP): First Year of Operations for USAID Assistance to Iraq: A Program-Wide Evaluation March 2003-March 2004; Management Systems International (June).

2003       Partnership for Capacity Building in Africa (PACT): Mid-Term Evaluation (Washington, DC: World Bank), w/Lauren Cooper & John Nee Djan Dodoo available at

2002       Governance, Politics & The Failure To Reduce Global Poverty, paper presented at Duke University, Sanford Institute of Public Policy (March 19th).

2000       Governance & Poverty: An Alternative Paradigm, paper presented at (i) the Center for International Development, Harvard University (May 4th), (ii) the Second Asia Development Forum, Singapore (June 6th — 8th), (iii) the USAID Open University, La Paz, Bolivia (November 30th), and (iv) the Catholic University of Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia (December 1st); available in its most recent version at The Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides presented at the Second Asia Development Forum are also available from the World Bank at

1998       Consumer Demand Approach to Investment Decision-Making in the Water & Sanitation Sector, paper presented at a Senior Water Resource Management Training Seminar, Singapore (September 3rd – 4th).

1997       Financing Local Governance: A Demand Versus Needs Approach, paper presented at the 1997 World Conference of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA), Mauritius (April 6th – 10th).

1995       The Institutional Framework of Rural Transport Infrastructure: Approach Paper (Washington, DC: World Bank); w/Christina Malmberg Calvo.

 1993       Bottom-Up Principle Agency: Meeting Client Needs, paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Toluca, Mexico (July 27th – 30th).

1993       Decentralization: Alternative Types & Criteria for Assignment of Responsibilities, paper presented at a Decentralization Seminar, Corporacion de Estudios Para el Desarrollo (CORDES), Quito, Ecuador (July 12th – 14th).

1992       Changing Role of the Public Sector: The Case of Africa, paper presented at the 53rd Annual National Conference of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Chicago, Illinois (April 11th – 15th).

1992       Dual Economy Theory Revisited: Governance and the Role of the Informal Sector, paper presented at the Fourth Annual International Conference of The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Irvine, California (March 27th – 29th).

1991       Changing Scope of Training For Local Government, paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Schools & Institutes of Administration (IASIA), Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (July 28th – August 2nd).

1991       Public Sector Decentralization and Economic Policy Reform, paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Washington, D.C. (March 23rd – 27th).

1991       Public Sector Decentralization: Economic Policy Reform and Sector Investment Programs, Public Sector Management Division, Africa Technical Department, World Bank, Division Study Paper No. 1 (Washington, D.C.: World Bank).

1987       Process Consulting Approaches to Cross-Cultural Development Assistance, paper presented at the 13th Annual Congress of SIETAR International, Montreal (May).

1982     Building Capacity for Decentralization in Egypt: The Pilot Project and Beyond, an IRD Field Report for USAID (Washington, DC: Development Alternatives Inc, 1982), w/S. Tjip Walker.

1982     BICOL Integrated Area Development III (Riconada/Buhi-Lalo) Projects Evaluation Report (Philippines), (Washington, D.C.: Development Alternatives Inc) w/Marcial Amaro, Miguel Caisip, Patrick Dugan, Cesar Fernandez, Ernest0 Guiang, Paul Novick, and Sulpicio Roco, available at

1981     Development and Training for Decentralized Planning and Management (Cairo, Egypt: Development Alternatives Inc, December), w/Jay Rosengard and others.

1981     BICOL Integrated Area Development II (Bula-Minalabac Land Consolidation) Project Evaluation Report (Philippines), w/Gregorio Beluang, Oscar Bermillo, Herminiano Echiverre, Nedra Huggins-Williams, Paul Novick, and Cesar Umali (Washington, D.C.: Development Alternatives Inc).

1976       The Asymmetrical Co-Existence of Multiple Political Systems Within the “Developing” States of Southeast Asia, paper presented at the Xth World Congress of the International Political Science Association, Edinburgh, Scotland (August 16th – 21st).

1974       Local Politics and Administration in South Viet Nam, paper presented at the Annual Meeting of The Association of Asian Studies, Boston, Massachusetts (April).

1971       The Limits of Strategic Coercion in Vietnam: U.S. Policies and Programs (November 1971); w/Raymond Tanter.

1970       Vietnam: Official United States Reporting and The Credibility Gap, paper presented at the Annual Meeting of The American Political Science Association, Los Angeles, California (September 8th – 12th).

1968       Soviet Relations with North Vietnam, presentation at Interdepartmental Committee on Communist and East European Affairs, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (October 1968).

1968       The Measurment of Coter-Insurgency Progress: A Critique, presentations at National University of Singapore and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (March 1968).

1967       Indonesianizing Marxism-Leninism: The Development and Consequences of Communist Polycentrism (1919-1966), Ph.D. Dissertation, The Claremont Graduate School & University Center (January).

1966       Marxism-Leninism in Indonesia, paper presented at the Annual Meeting of Asian Studies on The Pacific Coast, San Francisco, California (June 18th).


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